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  • Really looking forward to releasing a custom content collection tomorrow.Here’s a clue



    *update - collection is up for download on my page *

    Lmaaaoo can’t wait !!

  • [MF SIMS] Skinny Fit Jeans

    Skinny Jeans in 5 different tonalities. You will find them in the accessories menu, next the other tights and leggins. It is a stand-alone item with its own recolors (All with a custom thumbnail). Hope you will enjoy them ;) Comments and feedbacks are welcome as always!


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    Okay so I know I have holding these sims in but I’m ready to give them out to you guys lol!!!!

    I present my first ever Sim dump! I love these sims and I’m excited to finally share them! Instead of struggling with cc I did something I know how to do..Make Sims <3333

    FIRST: Krissy CC List

    Contacts: Eruwen n10 Hair: Newsea-Melt Away Eyebrows: Base game Mole: base game Skin: EA Natural tan EyeShadow: Gosik Lashes: S-Club 3D NoseMask: Adele Blush: Gosik Lipstick: lipgloss glaze

    SECOND: Fara CC List!

    Contacts: Eruwen n10  Hair: Newsea-Titanium  Eyebrows: OliviaBrows  Skin: Prima  Eyeshadow: Gosik  Lashes: S-Club 3D NoseMask: Adele Blush: Gosik Lipstick: lipgloss glaze

    THIRD: Demetrius CC List!

    Contacts:Eruwen n8 Eye bags: V1 by Tifa Hair: Chunkysims Eyebrows:Base Game Skin: EA Natural Tan Nosemask: Adele Lipstick: S-Club N12 Facial hair: idk :(

    FOURTH: Noel CC List

    Eyeshadow: S-Club,Gosik  Lashes: S-Club 3D Eyeliner: Gosik Nosemask: Adele Lipstick: lipgloss glaze Contacts: Eruwen n10 Hair: Nightcrawler 23 Blush: S-Club, Gosik Skin: EA Natural Tan

    FIFTH: Dorien CC List! 

    Contacts:Eruwen n8 Hair:Chunkysims eye brows:No idea:( Skin:Velvet Nose Mask:Adele Eye bags:V1 by Tifa Lipstick:S-Club N12 Facial Hair: Who’s Your Barber Stubble set

    PLEASE NOTE: I used sliders to make them and I pretty much use all the body and facial sliders from THIS master list as well as THESE body shape sliders <3

    If you want everything included in the download I suggest you download the .sims3pack but with the cc list provided they should show up fine with just the .sim file…(I included both but…) Just saying in case they don’t :]

    TOU: I really don’t care what you do with them. Feel free to use them as base sims or just whatever you want! Just give credit where credit is due! Also, If you use them I do track the tag “Worldstarsimblr” I would love to see what you’ve done to them, base or not :]



    Krissy: Mediafire .sims3pack or .sim/Dropbox .sims3pack or .sim

    Fara: Mediafire .sims3pack or .sim/Dropbox .sims3pack or .sim

    Demetrius: Mediafire .sims3pack or .sim/Dropbox .sims3pack or .sim

    Noel: Mediafire .sims3pack or .sim/Dropbox .sims3pack or .sim

    Dorien: Mediafire .sims3pack or .sim/Dropbox .sims3pack or .sim

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  • Lamar Lee Presents Janet Jackson - “Throb” Choreography | Part : 2 of 2


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    Aaliyah- Quit Hatin’

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    Shad Moss wasn’t with it !!!!